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1st Canadian High School Experience Program for 2020 Admitted Students

       Columbia International School has designed a series of English only bridge courses, Canadian High School Student Experience Workshops, for newly admitted students, and the program has been launched the other day. On November 17 (Sunday) CIS acknowledged prospects admitted for the Spring semester of 2020 to take part in the program, and the instructor, Mr. Haydn Isidore led the students to implement 3D Holographic seminars through their own mobile phones.
After introducing each other, the instructor began to introduce the fundamental structures of the 3D Holographic. The students all started from the unfamiliarity with the subject: DIY their own mini-sized 3D Holographic, to their wholeheartedly participation in producing big-sized 3D Holographic via team discussion, not only the distance between them was shortened, but they also learned the importance of teamwork. All teams demonstrated their devotions and even compared to each other that who had bigger and more integral 3D Holographic. Such an interesting course made curators jumped in and helped whether their productions worked or not. We look forward to other different topics of the Experience Workshops, for both free singing up for students from other schools and having fun the curators ourselves.




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