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1st Canadian High School Experience Program for 2020 Admitted Students

       Columbia International School has designed a series of English only bridge courses, Canadian High School Student Experience Workshops, for newly admitted students, and the program has been launched the other day. On November 17 (Sunday) CIS acknowledged prospects admitted for the Spring semester of 2020 to take part in the program, and the instructor, Mr. Haydn Isidore led the students to implement 3D Holographic seminars through their own mobile phones.
After introducing each other, the instructor began to introduce the fundamental structures of the 3D Holographic. The students all started from the unfamiliarity with the subject: DIY their own mini-sized 3D Holographic, to their wholeheartedly participation in producing big-sized 3D Holographic via team discussion, not only the distance between them was shortened, but they also learned the importance of teamwork. All teams demonstrated their devotions and even compared to each other that who had bigger and more integral 3D Holographic. Such an interesting course made curators jumped in and helped whether their productions worked or not. We look forward to other different topics of the Experience Workshops, for both free singing up for students from other schools and having fun the curators ourselves.

Columbia 2019 Piano Competition

       A piano competition has taken place at CIS (Columbia International School). The competition is a stage where players showcase their talents. There were five piano players with their best choices of repertoire:
1. Rose Jiang–Speechless
2. Hsuan-Tai Wang–Galway Girl
3. Bruce Chang–Togetsu-kyō: Think of You
4. Alice Chien–Robert Schumann, Aufschwung, op. 12 No. 2
5. Ezell Chen–River Flows in You
The pieces of music the students played speak what cannot be expressed, and flow from heaven to the soul. Everyone has just delivered his and her best performance. In the end, Ezell Chen snatched the championship as the latest piano king, second place went to Alice Chien as the latest piano princess, and third place was awarded to Bruce Chang. They all deserve a big hand.
Congratulations to these three students and the prizes gift vouchers they have won. As a matter of fact, as a curator, I appreciate anyone that plays the piano; pianists are really something. They have always got real class, and they are indeed junior Beethoven. I attended the concert in a dress-up and high heels for live performance. Again, the five piano players were just brilliant.

Columbia 2019 Halloween Event

       This year on October 31 (Thursday), it is all challenge for the Halloween Event for Columbia International School (CIS). It marks a wickedly exciting milestone: other than just Halloween costumes and outfits, CIS has spent more than two weeks to decorate the venue, do you dare to try our horror themed activities?
On top of those activities, the haunted mansion is built from originally a baseball indoor fieldhouse, and two major theme grounds are along with it: the horror escape room and the horror walkthrough. It also includes more than twenty minigames where participants will find all the rewards and prizes. Over a thousand pupils and guests have taken part in the event that day, and the booths and drills are all managed by our students, which fully demonstrate their creativity and passion.
Our first-ever multiplayer interactive games are fun and exciting, and joy is in the air. Adrenaline-pumping happenings are among elementary students and their teachers, and screaming is also heard everywhere. Senior students at our school have joined and carried out their leaderships through the games, leading pupils to go through the drills, win the prizes, and snatch the candies. All together have enjoyed an unforgettable and thrilling Halloween.

Club: Robotics

       Club: Robotics
Introduction: The world of AI is fast becoming an everyday reality. Robotics is a big part of this futuristic movement. Examining and creating robots for different purposes through programming is the premise of this club.
Purpose: Whether you are a beginner or have been tinkering in robotics for a long time, students are asked to come together and create robots. The team building club wants students to learn about the world of robotics anywhere from hardware to software development. Gaining a further understanding of how robotics works is a satisfying and fulfilling area of fun!

Club – Geodesic Dome

The shape is also energy efficient because of its low surface area due to its cylindrical design thus using little material compared to the rectangular structures we are used to.
Designing, fundraising, building and maintaining such a structure is a perfect educational project. Students are involved in every part of the process in order to realize the dream of what could be used in the future. This project-based learning programs pushes students to think and create. There is no better learning than to take something based on theory and put it into practice.
The students want to build a sustainable structure to last anywhere from 30 – 40 years, growing plants and vegetables inside. Gain a better understanding of how geodesic domes are built and how they can help to sustain life.

Columbia 2019 Parent-Teacher Conference

       The fall semester of 2019 Parent-Teacher Conference was held on October 20 (Sunday). Columbia International School (CIS) appreciates passionate attendees of all students and parents. To help students adapt to English only Canadian Curriculum soon as well as facilitating effective communication between parents and CIS, we especially requested that Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, Counseling Office, foreign teachers, and dormitory supervisors have an individual appointment with every single family. Parents have learned the teaching plans, learning status of the students, and dormitory lives through the Parent-Teacher Conference. Meanwhile, we handed out the certificates of honor to the students in front of all the audience.


A feedback CIS has received is from a parent who especially came back to Taiwan from China for the Parent-Teacher Conference:


It’s meaningful that CIS (Columbia International School) holds the parent-teacher conference to have communications with parents. As a father, it’s worth flying back from China to attend the meeting. We realize the learning situation of our children, the future plans of the school, and the way to help students fulfill the learning goal step by step. These are the reasons why I sincerely want to thank the chairman, vice-principals, teachers, homeroom teachers, dormitory teachers, and all the staff. Thank you.



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